Cigar Tube & Punch Set, Carbon Fiber

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Cigar Tube & Punch Set, Carbon Fiber, T.P.

Look like a pro with a good quality punch set and cigar holder. This black leather set is perfect for the loner who knows what he's doing and wants to be sure to look like it. The case itself is a given, if you're going to take a cigar out, and most people that smoke cigars do, you need a good case. This one is a mix of leather and stainless steel giving it a slightly edgy yet refined exterior. The interesting thing about this combinatin is that it will look totally upscale and refined coming out of a elegant sport coat or edgy and badass coming out of a leather biker vest.

The cigar punch is what sets this set off. As classy as cigars can make a man look, nothing says lack of class more than biting the end of the cigar and spiting the tobacco out. For some reason one little piece of tobacco wants to stay on your tounge and it takes several little silly looking spits to get it off. The cigar punch gives you a good piercing so you can get a nice clean draw without continually getting pieces of loose tobacco leaf in your mouth.


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