"Ebony" Wood Humidor, Cedar Lined w/ Hygro. & Humistat, 60 Cigars

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"Ebony" Wood Humidor, Cedar Lined w/ Hygro. & Humistat, 60 Cigars

Quite possibly the finest humidor of it's size. It's built and constructed just like our most premium humidor but this holds 12 cigars which makes it perfect for any man who is the occasional smoker. If you or your man smoke once a month or less, this humidor is the perfect size. It will allow you to maintain some variety without stashing too many to smoke. The exterior is beautifully crafted and stained a dark ebony brown with light accetns in the wood's grain. A shiny laquer finish paired with a chrome handle set this humidor off and allow it to stand out in any room. That's right, you don't have to hide this one in the back of your closet. Keep it out near your bar area or pool table for easy access. Even when you don't need it, this decorative humidor will only add to any room you place it in.

  • 5.00"H x11.75"W x 9.50"D
  • 5.25 lb

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